Tank No.2 two and school walkways complete at Krae maw Kee

The storage capacity for clean water just shot up from 12000 litres to 24,000 litres last week thanks to the team from Mt Albert Baptist and Botany Life at the village of Krae maw Kee. Also when the rains come in June the kids will have dry feet as a footpath now surrounds ...
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The Krey mau Kee team did not have as much cellphone coverage as those in Kraw lor Blur - so here's a few snaps to catch you up on the Krey mau Kee team's adventures!...
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Last Day

February 25, 2016
Final day and last blog in Thailand! Today some of the team hit the local food and flower market at 5:30am and ended the day with the whole team enjoying a large cultural dinner sitting cross legged around lowered round tables. A tourist day mixed with some debriefing and a ...
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Ma oh Jo

February 24, 2016
Before heading back to Chiangmai the team stopped at Ma oh Jo, a nearby village that IDTP had previously visited and developed sanitation and education. Here is what the team thought: "Ma oh Jo gave us an amazing look as to what Klaw law blur and Krey mau Kee may become in ...
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The Missing Blog from Day 6

February 23, 2016
Day two in Klaw law Blur, although there were no dog fights last night we got the usual wake up at 4AM from the lovely Mr Rooster, we are slowly getting into the routine of village life. Although there is still a language barrier we seem to be communicating better, and the v...
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Day Eleven

February 23, 2016
Our final full day in the village before an early start tomorrow back to Chiangmai via Mo oh Jo to see the school there. Both teams completed their projects and both schools were presented with their Truthfinders (CBCs kids club) gifts and book. We also shared the story of J...
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Day Ten

February 22, 2016
Sunday and a time to rest in both villages. Also God had a message of His great love for both villages and so sent ITDP worker Somsak to Krey mau Kee and Campbell from CBC to Kraw law Blur and without either having seen the other since CBC's first visit to Thailand in 2009 t...
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Day Nine

February 21, 2016
Campbell here for day 4 at Klaw law Blur. More play area cleared around the school, a front door fitted to the kitchen and a concrete slab mixed by hand for the school water tank (plastic 2000 litres). But kids stole the show today and late last night... Nong had dozens of k...
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Day Eight

February 20, 2016

Kraw lor Blur

Mike Taylor here on the blog. It's been almost 4 years since I first arrived in Kraw lor Blur and I can say it's same same but very different. The water is being well used and it was so good to see the school finished. A new teacher arrived yesterday and it's school as usual...
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Day Seven

February 19, 2016
Day one at Kray mo Kee saw the Mt Albert and Botany crew kickstart at 6AM mixing concrete and pouring the second ring in the earlier prepped foundation first ring for a second water tank above the school. This should bring the total storage capacity to 25,000 litres which wi...
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