Hill Tribe Hope

Kiwis bringing hope to villages in Northern Thailand

Kraw Lor Blur Preschool is now open full-time!

Kraw lor Blur Preschool construction was completed 2015. Land around was cleared and fenced, plus a school kitchen constructed by our Kiwi team in February 2016. While there the team were invited to witness the first ever flag raising ceremony in the village of Kraw lor Blur - a very special day for a couple of proud students thanks to a couple of Kiwi flag pole making craftsman. After several attempts to staff the preschool, ITDP have now hired two permenant teachers for 2017.

Krae maw Kee gets own water and dry feet

Krae maw Kee Preschool first opened in June 2014. Hill Tribe Hope are committed to now funding the ongoing costs of the school for up to 5 years at which point the Thai Government will begin funding the school. A team headed over to Thailand in February 2016 and extended the Krae maw Kee Preschool with concrete paths and a new water tank dedicated to the Preschool. There are now two teachers for 2017 as the Preschool continues to grow.