Hill Tribe Hope

Join Kiwis in bringing hope to hill tribe kids in Thailand 

We love Thailand

Loving our neighbours is at the core of who we are as humans, and for those who follow Jesus, it's a response to his love for us.

There's the neighbour next door, and then there's our global neighbour. How might we love our neighbour here, and there?  While we get on with loving our neighbours 'here' in our own communities, we have together chosen to love our neighbours 'there' in the villages of Northern Thailand.

Here's how

A bunch of Kiwis started Hill Tribe Hope to help resource hill tribe village communities who are struggling to survive regional development.  We do this by providing clean water, health, education, and agriculture.  

Please join us

Become informed: The story so far is available here on this website; or visit our Facebook page to see what's happened lately.

Share the story:  Talk to friends, invite them to view this website or our Facebook page, or buy a friend a bag of LaMai coffee.

Give:  Every dollar helps, and when donations are made through Bright Hope World, a minimum of 90% is sent all the way to the need in Thailand. No more than 10% is retained for administrative costs. 

Pray:  We believe God loves all people, and so we ask him to use us and others to show his love.