Team 2014 are prepping up ready to fly in FEB!

On the 13th February a team of Kiwis from Waipukurau, Hamilton and Auckland will fly to Bangkok then on to ChiangMai. From there they will jump in 4 wheel drives and head into the highlands near the Burmese border to the villages of Krey mo Kee and Kraw lor Bur to continue the work started in 2012/2013. At Krey mo Kee they will extend the pre-school built last June and build some additional ablution blocks in the village. In Kraw lor Bur they will begin the construction of a new pre-school. Over the next few weeks this BLOG will intro you to the team and then give you updates from the team once their adventure begins. You can follow this BLOG here or by Facebook at www.facebook.com/Hilltribehope