And introducing another couple of Waikato girls ready to go...

Hi I'm Chrissy Shepherd ...

... from Hamilton and I'm so excited to be joining the 2014 team!
I'm an Occupational Therapist working with elderly people in the community. I jumped at
the opportunity to join the team as I've never travelled far from home before and I feel I'm
up for the challenge. I am really looking forward to building relationships with the people
of Kray Mo Key and experiencing what the culture has to offer. I'm ready to step away from the comforts of home and to challenge my views on life and my strengthen my relationship with God. I'm not so much looking forward to coming face to face with snakes and spiders in the middle of the night on my way to the long drop but if it happens I guess its one more thing I can tick off the list. Bring it on I say!

Hi my names JulzĀ ...

... and I'm from Hamilton.
I am a fulltime single mum of two boys 6 and 3 and work part time in Cafe Agora.

I am super stoaked and blessed to be going with the team to serve in Thailand !!!
I am excited to see and learn more about the Thai culture and cant wait to eat the yummy food!
I am currently bracing my self for bush hut sleeps on the ground and no showers or proper toilets and maybe the complications of rioting etc!!!
I'm looking foward to stepping out of my comfort zone and getting amongst the villagers and hard work! Excited to see God work in our teams lives and the people we come across.