3 more from the mighty YPUK are packing their bags for this Thursday!

Kerry Anthony Bruce Grant

Born 06/04/1965
Married with 4 children.
Horticulturalist as job.
This will be Kerry's second trip to Kraw Lar Blur and he can't wait to see what God has done and what has changed .

Hi! My name is Gwenna ...

... I live in Waipukurau. I have 5 adult children, 2 adult step children, 20 grand children and 2 great grand children, all of whom i love dearly. I also enjoy reading, tramping and gardening. I've been on a short term mission to Thailand before, and i knew then it was something that I would do again so I'm going back.
Praise the Lord!

Hello Renee Louise Tobin!

I live in a small rural town called Waipukurau. I have 2 amazing children, my daughter Morgan (2yrs) and son Raphael (15yrs) and my great husbend Chris.
I'm intrigued now to remember what did draw me initially to this mission trip! I think I thought what a wonderful trip to go on, and help others less fortunate than me. I also felt it was an opportunity to be a student to God as far as talking the Gospel to all people groups.