DAY THREE - sky trains, planes, and Lana Cafe

Finally in Chiang Mai and ready to go bush.

Julz' word for the day!
Also yesterday before we headed out to bars in Patpong we had an awesome prayer time. Gave me the goose bumps! Loved it and felt fully protected as we entered some really dark aweful bars .

Yo yo NZ! We currently hanging out at Lana Cafe (home of NZ's La Mai Coffee) in Chiang Mai After a 530 am start catching 3 connecting sky trains in the pouring rain with heavy packs and 18 crew we made it to the airport and Flew out at 10am this morning . Just had our briefing with ITDP (Intergrated Tribla Development Program). Getting excited and organised to head out to our villages on monday. Everyone is well and happy! Heading to elephant park tomorow then snake farm and tiger kingdom. Monday we start our 7 hour journey to our hilltribe villages. We have an awesome team. Everyone is bonding well. We have had some really cool team bonding moments and heart to hearts amongst our group. Feeling really blessed! Heading out to explore Chiangmai night life tonight and GET IN THE POOL! whoop whoop! Thanks again for your prayers! Love love love from me and our crew in Thailand!

Hello from Sophie:
Sawadee kah one and all!
Life is amazing over here! I'm in love with the people, there are no words for my experiences so far and it has only been 3 days, it honestly feels like weeks!
Pa chow Wei pon!
Love always xxx