DAY FOUR - tourists for a day

a stunner here in Northern Thailand today ...

... blue skies, scorching sun! We spent the day tiring ourselves out with 'touristy' stuff. Although not our core purpose on this trip, we enjoyed seeing a bit of local culture and wildlife. In the morning we checked out some traditional carving - intricate works of art, many carved for global orders and can take up to 6 months to complete! We've been reading and talking together about the fruits of the spirit...here was a lesson in patience!!
Brendon from Mt Albert joined the team at lunch time and we all headed to the elephant farm. Although it's not quite their natural habitat, they are amazingly trained & took us for rides, kicked soccer balls, painted colourful landscapes and generally kept the crowd oohing and ahhing :)
Tiger kingdom was interesting but only the brave went into the cages...general consensus: those big cats must be sedated to lie around all day and let tourists prod & pose for photos!!!
Jono and Caleb have been under the weather today ( gastro bugs) so pray for them!
We're off to Krey Mo Kee and Kraw Lor Bur at 7:30am tomorrow. 270 km, approx half on sealed highways and then we go bush. Pray for safety and good driving conditions...and for those with tender digestion.
Not sure when we'll blog next, sounds like we might need to find a high spot or climb a tree to get reception... :)
Until next time....