DAY SIX - feeling well-worked but great!

So we've just finished dinner in Krey Mo Kee after our first day of hard work on the water and school building projects. Feeling well-worked but great! Word on the street is a bit of sickness in Kraw Lur Bur (Waipuk) but all well here, thinking of those that are unwell and thankful to have full health on this mountain top! We are all bonding well with our host families with smiles and broken conversations exchanged loving every minute of getting to know this beautiful community.
Progress today consisted of trenching and back-filling 200m of piping, concreting two layers of the water tank, beginning construction on the filter tank and constructing the foundations of the walls for the school ready for block-laying the remaining rooms over the next few days.
Being able to see progress already is really encouraging, the main prayers for us at the moment is against fatigue and for further connection with the people.
We will also start the children's programme tomorrow.
Again from the team a massive thank you for every bit of support from home!
Love always,
Team Krey Mo Kee 14!