DAY SEVEN - the hills are alive with the crowing of roosters!

The roosters were very much alive this morning. Layer 3 of the water tank was completed by 8 which was nice. News from Kraw Lur Bur is that still a bit of sickness hanging around. Poor George been very under the weather, but good to hear most of the others are right. After breakfast it is more concrete for the filter tank, and then some brick laying while a few others are in the mud, cleaning up the water source. The morning got a bit slow for a moment as the tiredness kicked in, but it came right for the first day of the kids program. The kids started off and were a bit unsure, but the bubble mix and Chrissy's awesome balloon animals were a definite winner. Was awesome having all the families around seeing the parents interacting with their kids with us, and slowly growing more comfortable with us strange folk. Brendon says there were more kids here than last year, and it is really encouraging to see a real positive spirit among the community. God is good!!! The afternoon was Ta kraw with the villagers and ITDP, awesome fun can't wait to play again tomorrow. Overall incredible day we are all learning so much and having amazing times. Looking forward to the days to come!!!