Hello from a tired but enthusiastic team back in Chiang Mai! The trip back yesterday was hot and dusty (no rain throughout our whole trip!). Some of us had to reapply sunscreen numerous times in the back of the utes but we had a ball!
All safe, lots of memories and photos which we will share with you all soon.
The past couple of days have been special - and emotional for many - as we shared our culture, embraced the Karen culture and finally said goodbye.
The school in Kraw Lor Bur is looking great, the structure and foundation is in place for ITDP to continue working on. The connection with the villagers (particularly the kids) was amazing, and this culminated with an encouraging church service on Sunday and a number of requests for prayer from the village :)
The water supply in Krey Mo Kee is complete and water is flowing but is not yet fully functional. ITDP leave the tank full of water with banana leaves for 2 weeks to remove the cement taste and then commission it when they return. The school is almost ready to go, barring a little more plastering over rough concrete floors and hanging doors. Again, minor work that ITDP will complete in a few weeks time.
Last night we experienced a cultural show and dinner here in Chiang Mai - really cool!
As we write, we are about to head down to breakfast in the hotel, followed by our final team meeting then off to the airport for our flight to Bangkok.
The team arrives In Auckland approx 3:30 pm tomorrow, looking forward to sharing our stories and photos with you all!
We appreciate you sharing this journey with us in prayer!
From the St Andrews...CBC...MAB - Thailand 2014 team.