Tent Posts, Pieces of Paper, and Preparing for a Mission Trip

Friday, 2 November 2012 (MAB)

The team going to Thailand met up for a team building session with Bright Hope on Sunday 28th Nov.
We had a talk about what it means to go on a short term mission trip. We learnt about this being a step in a life-long process of being involved with God's plans for the world. We were introduced to how to give a testimony. We also did some team exercises: simple but actually quite challenging to carry out : utilising tent poles with the aim of lowering the poles to the ground with everyone's fingers keeping in contact with the pole, and shuffling the team from one end of a line to the other - stepping only on the blank piece of paper in front  or around the person whose back we're facing - confused? Yes! It was quite a challenge!

Through this we learnt important concepts - team work, identifying the leader, listening to others, following instructions, feeding back to each other, and prayer - nothing is too small or too big to God!

Another thing impressed upon us is that the Mt Albert Baptist Church community - through us - is going to be a living example of Christ to the villagers we will be living amongst. By MABC having an input into the community, we are showing that we care about these people. This in itself is a witness of God's love. We won't be able to speak the language of the local villagers, so communication will be difficult. But through the physical work we do, and the benefit  it  brings to the village, we will show God's love in action. Through this concrete witness, the local Christians will be supported and empowered to share the word of God.

What an awesome opportunity this is! Praise God!