Water Pipes Connected for Thailand!

Sunday 16th December (MAB)

 Our fundraising water pipes have connected to the top of the board, the bucket was filled & water flowed through the system of pipes & out the tap at the side! (thank you to the creative efforts of Dan & Julie Pollard for this wonderful visual display of the aim of the upcoming Thailand trip!)

And for those who got to The Hobbit at The Lido - wasn't it great!

God has been faithful & allowed us to raise the $15,000 needed for the costs of the pipes & other building supplies for the trip! Thank you to each & everyone who's contributed in the numerous ways along this journey!

Each member of the team has to pay the remainder of the flight tickets by this week - 20th December. The fund-raising above does not cover our individual costs. As an example of costs - return flights will be around $1,500 per person. If God has laid it on your heart to financially support a particular team member towards their individual costs, I would encourage you to act upon it!