5 days and counting...

Just 5 days until we fly out to Thailand (Sunday 3rd Feb) for the next phase of MAB’s journey with the Hill-tribes communities. As we now know, our earlier plan to assist with an improved water supply, tank and tap stands is not happening, but have the opportunity to begin building a school building in the same village. We understand that the Thai king is using the only suitable nearby source for an irrigation scheme and ITDP (and we) are praying that they will be able to connect into this scheme to provide a better source of water for Krey Mo Kee at a later date. As we read in Proverbs 16:9, with much prayer we’ve “made our plans” according to the need God provided, but in the end “the Lord determines our steps”.

Please pray with us as we make our final preparations. Praise for God’s faithfulness – funds, opportunities to connect with the MAB community and our friends/colleagues. Pray that God would continue to build His kingdom through our service. Pray for energy, good health, wisdom and safety – for the team, ITDP, our hosts and families back in NZ. Pray that our eyes would be open to God’s prompting and guiding.