Day 2 of MABC\'s Thailand Intrepid Journey

The day started off with a rush to the airport due to an un-named team member leaving her wallet at the hotel.  God was faithful and answered our roadside prayers - wallet was found & we got to check-in with time to spare.

After a short flight to Chiang Mai, we were greeted by Kevin Honare & ITDP staff who presented us with threaded frozen jasmine garlands.  We were given an induction for our trip before catching up with the Jolls for a lunch of  Thai noodle soup & sweet Thai tea.

No rest for the wicked! In the afternoon we were driven then walked up (too many steps) to look at a Buddist temple featuring an elaborate gold-plated pagoda.

Dinner was at Chris Joll's recommendation at a local Muslim restuarant. We were treated to an amazing feast ( complete with chilli eating & fish eyeball tasting) all for the price of NZ$5  per person.

The day finished at the Chiang Mai Market where  Jennifer & Emily indulged in a luxurious Thai-style foot spa, which involved hundreds of hungry little fish & lots of giggling!