6th Feb

Weve made it to Krey Mo Kee. Covered 273kms, some on the back of the truck. The trip took 8 hours. By the end of that six of us were evenly caked with red dust (great argument for guys to avoid wearing foundation, Isaac!)
First impressions of the village include......
"Wasn't as bad as i thought, the toilet is super nice"
"We had to get changed in front of our host family! (room had no walls)
"AWESOME" (from one who was caked in mud)
"Best sleep in Thailand"
"Laughing is a great way to break down communication barriers"
"2 big houses, better than the average kiwi bach"
"Interesting, because I accidentally told my host family I have 3 kids " (from one of the single girls)
"Village people are friendly and welcoming"
"Awesome to be here, find a church building on the hill and meet the village pastor!"

Happy Waitangi Day, what a beautiful day to start work on the pre-school building! Itdp have been here for 3weeks and made a great start on the floor and structure as well setting up our camp - shared dining and hangout space, long drops and shower. Were feeling very blessed!
Fen is off to start a medical clinic with a translator at the church, were about to start work on the school roof and toilets. Day 1 in Krey Mo Kee.. :)

Well that was this morning, and we've just stopped for lunch and finally found cell phone reception!
We laboured alongside our Karen brothers and sisters, made great progress on the building. There was a great turnout from the community to help.
The pit for the toilet is almost dug to 1.5m deep, the remaining building  floor was prepped with backfill and re-bar, 2 pits of concrete mixed and poured (no concrete mixers here !), lots of dirt dug and moved, rocks collected for concrete and Sam tirelessly planed dozens of lengths of timber, ready for the roof structure.
Fens medical clinic was well attended and looks like it will be a popular feature of the next few days, plenty of minor medical ailments to help with.
First kids programme this afternoon...we'll certainly sleep well tonight!
Thanks for your prayer and support, it really is a Kiwi community  connecting with Karen! God is good! ;)