Blog - 7 Feb

Had an awesome day!
Great progress on the school and toilets, Fen and Gabi went to neighbouring Mohojo village to run another medical clinic and we ended the day by cooking a kiwi dinner for the Itdp staff - kebabs, corn fritters and potato salad with toasted marshmellows to finish.  But the highlight was being able to share with the village pastor, Anuwat and his father! Beetnee (the father) was the 1st Christian in the village and Anuwat (his 2nd child) has become the pastor for Krey Mo Kee. They have been praying for growth for their fellowship as there are currently 8 Christian families amongst a total of 80. Sadly, Beetnee's youngest son  is 8 yrs and has a skin cancer and they asked for prayer for him. Please pray for Tee La Woot. It was so humbling to hear Beetnee's faith-he was told that his son will die but he has refused to believe them and has faith  in Gods promise in Matt 7:7 "Ask and it will given, seek and you will receive, knock and the door will opened" .  Be encouraged that the  Christians here have been really moved by us being here and we by them! God has such an awesome way of working out his plans!
The childrens programme has been awesome, lots of kids hang around our central camp and the team!
Please pray that the children will have an understanding of Gods Word!