Sunday greetings

Goh li agae  
Good morning and greetings from Krey Mo Kee village, Northwest Thailand.
We are blessed to be here to work alongside and encourage our Karen friends and the team from Inter Tribal Development Programme.
Its very hot during the day, making working conditions trying - it would be nice to sit under a tree with an ice cold drink and sleep or read! But were privileged to be here and our  minor discomfort doesn't compare to the reality of what these people lack . While digging, sawing, mixing concrete, laying blocks, seeing patients, teaching kids, we are building incredible relationships with people. As a team, we have been reading through and discussing 1 Thessalonians and it has been an amazing encouragement to find the church thriving here as did Paul and Silas when Timothy brought back news in 3:7-9.
Work on the school building and village toilets is progressing well and you can all be encouraged at the appreciation shown by this community to MAB for funding the first stage of this building.
As you read this, we will still be asleep (6 hrs behind) but today we will worship with the christian community, share songs and testimony - and Kevin was asked to preach :)
In the afternoon we will spend time with the community, the pastor and hope to interview him and his family, and other believers.
Thank you so much for you prayer and support - this really is a community effort.
I have asked the team to give you a brief thought/observation/prayer request:
I have really enjoyed getting to know some of the children, playing games and reading stories with them.

The village people have such contagious joy. The children are not so shy anymore and are warming up to us. As we walk around the village they run up to us and hold our hands.

Sam was on light duties today as the day before he pulled a muscle moving concrete n posts n built 2 toilets with mark . He spent today carving the mabc toilet sign . Our chef which sam has called " mr krump " gave him a thai back massage as a gift. Lovely.

It's been humbling to know that we have been part of God's  plan to partner with the church here. Be encouraged by that!

Came home to find our host waiting for us. We tried to chat then I got a family photo out from my Bible. He ran off to get his bible then the 3 of us prayed together in our own languages! So neat to be so united in Christ despite us not being able to speak to each other.