Back in Chiang Mai

Hi all,
Were back in Chiang Mai after a 9 hr road trip, approximately half of the 273km on dirt roads. It poured with rain last night shortly after we finished our work but the road was good this morning! Despite a spectacular lighnting display, Emily and Jennifer were seen dancing in the rain!
At the end of our work, we had completed the roof and lower external block walls of the preschool building, school toilet block and 6 individual Toilets for households in the community. But far more importantly we ran childrens programmes each afternoon, played takraw with the local young guns, ran medical clinics, contributed to the church service Sunday, learnt some Karen and communicated with out host families, worked alongside and generally engaged with the community here. So much so that the past few evenings weve had so many kids and people hanging round its been difficult to have team meetings!
Last night we put on a cultural show...a shirtless haka (guys of course), pokarekare ana and a bunch of other songs, very well received !
We ended up canning our team meeting because there were so many of the community hanging around. We took lots of polaroid photos to leave with the community...exchanging gifts and keepsakes.
And the local cuisine has been amazing - we were even fed snake and wild cat! Both tasted great in soup!!!
Leaving this morning created mixed emotions...sadness at leaving our new friends, questions like "have we done enough?", excitement at heading back toward nz to the families and friends we are really missing!!!
Tomorrow, we visit the elephants and tigers and then debrief with itdp for the afternoon. Thursday morning back to Bangkok to visit Rahab ministries while Brendon and Isaac catch up with friends in Chiang Mai.
Were dragging our feet a little but in great spirits and looking forward to a shower and soft bed  tonight....;)