Team Thailand blog

Team 1, (Brendon & Isaac= team 2) left Brendon and Isaac In Chiangmai to catch up with another contact for a day or 2.
Team 1 said farewell to the itdp team who have been fabulous. This essential ends this stage of the mission. On to Bangkok to see what other out reaches are doing in the Thailand. Team  1 Arrived Bangkok from Chiangmai about 11ish  thursday local time. Sam was able to share with a Dutch couple about our pre-school project , and about salvation thru gods grace.  Craig managed to get his swiss army knife through security after discovering it in his carryon luggage- oops!  Caught the train into the city centre, welcome to the fetid heat of Bangkok in all its glory. Went to rahab house and listened to Alex s story of how god is at work . They have brought so many broken women off the street and helped them find hope in Jesus .  Had a look at the rahab office in the redlight area and Had a good prayer season before the girls of our team   headed out to give valentines day chocolates and to speak to sex workers in the redlight  clubs with the rahab team . Giving the small gifts away to these girls who were SO hungry for grace was so moving- their faces just lit up when they were approached and greet like another person should be greeted, and then even more appreciative when given the small gifts. A few were slightly hesitant at first but just a little gesture of affirmation and they were happy to receive. God was at work last night with the evangelists able to have meaningful conversations.
Visiting other brighthope partners for the day and then off to the airport for the long trip home. So this will probably be the last blog from Thailand before we see you at the airport on Saturday.  We have just about depleted all the inspirational letters that you supplied for us at the outset. Your words to us have been very up lifting and greatly received. Thank you all for your support, prayers and love. Brendon, Isaac, Gabi will be returning a few days later, and of course don't forget Zara who is staying on for another 8 months in the mission field. So keep praying for her.