Team 2 Friday

Isaac and Brendon dropped the team at Chiang Mai airport thursday morning and stayed another day, Brendon visited friends working with HIV education while Isaac spent time with a friend at the university thursday afternoon.
Our early morning flight friday got us to south Thailand by midday where we met up with a friend to spend 2 days experiencing the culture of the south. We spent the afternoon touring the town where his family had lived, meeting lots of old friends, drinking endless cups of sweet tea, exploring the night markets (we are quite possibly the only white faces here). The openness and hospitality has been amazing. Its now 9:30 and the place is still alive...and we head to yet another friend for a cup of strong, sweet tea! Back to our accommodation and another chat in the street with freshly baked bread then sweet sticky rice. Its definitely hotter and more humid here than Chiang Mai and the hills and we're definitely out of our comfort zone but taking the new experience in our stride!