Day Three

Campbell here checking on in. We have had our second full day in Bangkok and getting itchy feet to get up to Chiangmai and out to the villages. But the visit here has been great to adjust to the sticky heat, Timezone and become a family rather than just a team. Today we ventured out to a massive market in the morning and then went our separate ways in the arvo to explore the city. Some viewed the beautiful royal palace where they had to toe the line with protocol and attire to the letter of the law. I joined the adventurous crew on a bike tour that took us down alley ways and narrow walkways past both grand apartments and local slums - side by side live the rich and the poor. We boated across the river out of the city to the raised pavements through many kms of mangroves and saw a different rural side of Thailand. Last night was a wander through the local Valentines market - it was here I suddenly noticed the entrance to the Patpong district where just metres from the colour, life and fun of the market lay a dark world of abuse. On one side of the road is home to the Christian guest house we stay in, a convent school, Catholic and Protestant churches ... But on the other side hidden behind the facade of food stalls and cheap ripoff gear for sale lies a trade of humanity that should not exist. Got me thinking about Rahab who we will visit tomorrow and which side of the road they live on - the dark side, Patpong. And as we visit Patpong, though I know he lives both sides of the road, we will also visit where Jesus lives for he was there seeking and loving these broken lives even before Rahab came.