Day Four

The BotanyLife crew signing on to the Hill Tribe Hope blog today.

The team's last day in Bangkok was spent visiting Rahab, in the infamous Patpong region. For those unfamiliar with the organisation, Rahab works with ladies who are in prostitution by providing support (spiritual and mental), and offering jobs outside of the trade for those who want to earn through different means. The opportunities offered by Rahab include jewellery making, hair dressing or more recently running a laundromat service. Today's visit involved the team going some hands on experience by learning to make our own jewellery and then sharing a meal with the Rahab team.

The ladies of our team had the opportunity to head out to the bars of Patpong in the early afternoon to meet the ladies involved in the sex trade. We gave out valentines chocolates & a wee booklet (produced by the Good News team) which shared how much God loves us.

I (Kim-Maree) was surprised by the number of ladies waiting for work so early in the day. I guess in my mind, this only happened at night. As the girls lined the bars, talking to men my heart filled with sadness and thankfulness all at once. Sadness that these ladies didn't have an alternative to produce an income, but thankfulness that Rahab sits right in the middle of it all. It was heart-warming to see Rahab interact with the ladies and bar staff. Rahab were welcomingly received into these places. Hearing the ladies all laughed together, chatted together, hugged one another was pretty special to see. It is evident that Rahab love these ladies. And that Rahab is respected in this community.

As I wandered the streets and in & out of bars, I prayed. I prayed for the girls we met, that they would read the booklet, that they would know the love of God and a seed would be planted.

Today I got to see Rehab work in action - changing lives, one lady at a time. When I look at my necklace I made, I will be reminded of the ladies who fill the bars to make a living, and know even from my comforty life in New Zealand, I can do something about it. I can help invest in changing one life at a time.

Visit http://www.rahabministriesthailand.com/ to find out how you can support the work of Rahab.