Day Five

Tuesday 16th Feb saw the team leave Chiangmai and head to the hills. The Waipuk team saw it this way: The IDTP trucks arrive at the Hotel to load up and the Dakar rally begins. A 10 hour journey including a meal stop and several stock-ups of supplies. Impressive concrete highways from Chiangmai gave way to the hill country steep and red dirt roads scored out by rainfall. Plenty of dust for those sitting in open backs of one ute. The local government are putting concrete sections of road where most traction is needed. One river crossing where the bridge was broken.

Nearing our destination we split into two groups and said goodbye - CBC and St Andrews going to Kraw lor, while Botany and Mt Albert headed to Krey mo Kee.

We finally arrived just on dark pleased to be here in the small dusty village full of pigs, dogs, chickens and roosters... and kids. Hard to unpack and setup in bad light but good to be here. Bring on tomorrow!