Day Six

Nong and Alana saw our first day in Kraw lor Blur like this...

The main mission for today was to lay dome water pipes for the new kitchen beside the school building (the teacher will cook lunch for the kids each day of school), and to construct a fence around the school (to keep out the animals so they can have a veggie garden and clean okay area).

Three of our ladies split off to dig trenches for the pipes while the others headed off to the bush to cut down trees for the fence.

It didn't take long for the locals to take notice and they got stuck into working with us. Before the end of the day all the pipes and fence posts were in and we are now ready to progress tomorrow.

After rounding up 15 of the village kids we started our first kids program. The kids started a bit shy but by the end they were coming out of their shells. Campbell started with Geneses 1:1 and a fun game to help the kids memorise the words in Thai. After some singing and more games we finished with a captivating puppet show from Pete the Possum.