Day Seven

Day one at Kray mo Kee saw the Mt Albert and Botany crew kickstart at 6AM mixing concrete and pouring the second ring in the earlier prepped foundation first ring for a second water tank above the school. This should bring the total storage capacity to 25,000 litres which will help in the dry season. Some of the team helped with some toilet construction and creating an extension to the path alongside the school building. A very solid first day but 'all is good'.

Day 2 at Krey mo Kee 6AM start again with the 4th level of the water tank poured. Half the team were clearing dirt for the school path. Some of the team kept supplies in stock and the rest building bathrooms. Another solid effort which was wrapped up with the fifth and final ring being poured in the tank.

One highlight has been that much of the work has been around the school which starts at 7:30AM each day as kids arrive by foot or motorbike. As we work we can hear the kids doing their lessons and a row of little faces watching us through the slats over the short walls. The school is very busy for Apaporn the teacher (especially with us there to distract) with 34 kids from preschool o 4th grade. Today was also the first kids club as the CBC team visited to repeat the program from Kraw lor Blur. Apaporn is probably the first teacher we have ever seen who when school is done rolls up her sleeves and joins the chain gang passing concrete filled buckets to the tank.

Thanks for your prayers. And thanks to all who have generously given to give hope to these beautiful people.