Day Eight

Kraw lor Blur

Mike Taylor here on the blog. It's been almost 4 years since I first arrived in Kraw lor Blur and I can say it's same same but very different. The water is being well used and it was so good to see the school finished. A new teacher arrived yesterday and it's school as usual today. it was great to catch with the guys from ITDP, some old friends and quite a few new ones.

The team has bonded very well and we had a great day today clearing the ground at the school ready for some new climbing frames and swings that we will construct tomorrow. The kitchen roof went on today, the local guys are having a lot of fun working on that. Campbell has the children's programme cranking in both villages and is drawing in all the kids. We finished off the afternoon with a game of tkraw and volleyball, dinner has turned up so it time to sign off. Philippians 4:4-7

Krey mo Kee

Mark here in Krey mo Kee. Thursday night we had some of the villagers join us after dinner. Lots of smiles and lots of silence but we are definitely more comfortable around each other now. We pulled out a pack of cards and got them to teach us how to count in Karen and we got to teach them how to play last card which enjoyed by all.

Friday, this morning we went for a walk around the village and it was great to see where everyone lives, the path is very twisty between the houses. Most houses have a variety of animals like pigs, dogs, chickens and sometimes cattle that all live under the houses. Apparently according to our host Becky there is an expected dowry of 3 pigs when you get married here and most people seem to get married and children while they are still teenagers. The local church here is being rebuilt to be bigger. They are using cement blocks and wood and it has an artistic entrance to make it stand out from the houses.