Day Nine

Campbell here for day 4 at Klaw law Blur. More play area cleared around the school, a front door fitted to the kitchen and a concrete slab mixed by hand for the school water tank (plastic 2000 litres). But kids stole the show today and late last night... Nong had dozens of kids making long rubber band skipping ropes as the sun went down last night. I then had a mini concert full of laughs at my hosts house as the dad, Paboo, his son and three friends danced to the strobe lighting of my head lamp and then had an animal shadow puppet show against the hut wall.

This morning even before breakfasts Nong was at it again having a go at the wooden 3-wheeler trolley down the dirt ditch... Ending up in the ditch. Because it was Saturday we ended up with 52 kids hanging around most of the day and by afternoon at our kids program we launced into a funky walking train to the play field for some bat down followed by our first story about Jesus and the feeding of the 5000. My museli bar then had to feed all the children which didn't really leave anyone feeling full like the crowd with Jesus did so ... We gathered around a fire, put a packet of corn in the pot and listened to it popping as it filled our pot and soon filled all the kids ( a first time for them as they grabbed fist full of popcorn!) We tried to repeat the same at Krey mau Kee but had to cheat as we burnt the popcorn and had to swap it for a pot full of noodles.

Back at Klaw law Blur the team finished a new flag pole out the front of school. On Monday the kids will raise the Thai flag and sing their national anthem for the first time at the school - the have asked us to join them in this significant ceremony. Today several of us also had the opportunity to visit villagers (with ITDP translators) in their homes, hear their stories, share our faith and pray for them.
Krey mau Kee reporting on day 4 by the Botany Life crew of 2. Today was a joint community effort to concrete the path around the school. A chain-line of cement buckets made it easy and quick work. It is really cool to work alongside the locals. Though the language barrier is difficult at times, interpretation between the ITDP crew, our team and locals, we can hold basic conversations.

There was a special occasion in the village today for one of the family who killed a pig, roasted it and then gifted our team some for lunch. It was delicious!! Fresh home killed roasted pork!! Zac commented last night how quickly we have been accepted into the village, and this has been evident with locals wanting to spend time with our team outside of our working hours, talking, playing games and drawing with the kids. Our boys challenged the locals to a game of tacraw (volleyball with your feet). Our boys inability to life their legs above their hips cost us the game(s).