Day Ten

Sunday and a time to rest in both villages. Also God had a message of His great love for both villages and so sent ITDP worker Somsak to Krey mau Kee and Campbell from CBC to Kraw law Blur and without either having seen the other since CBC's first visit to Thailand in 2009 they both brought the message of the Father who received the long lost son with open arms from Luke 15. I guess the message of God's great love is for people of all lands and languages. Our heavenly Father is waiting for our return and when we do he comes running to embrace us and restore us to the family.

Today the 4 churches of the wider team will got to reunite as family with CBC and Waipuk crew visiting Krey mau Kee for the afternoon. Great to compare notes and see the work the team has done there while also going on a Karen Tribe Cultural tour around the village.
Here's our team's married couple, Mel and Linda take on our off at Kraw law Blur.

Yeah, day off started with a church service at 9AM with the ding of the bell and around 49 adults and kids turn up. The pastor read Luke 15 from the Karen bible and the Campbell preached with lots of actions while Pyut translated. Linda and the pastor each shared their testimony. Liam was on guitar and sang with Alana. After church some of the girls made parachutes for the children out of plastic bags and string... the kids loved them! The children interact with us more each day.

After lunch we went to Krey mau Kee to see the rest of the team to check out their village and greeted our long lost friends. We saw some weaving which some of our girls had a go at. An old army guy showed us animal and bird traps and how to make a machete. He also played his Karen guitar. We checked out the work the team had done, then ate some sweet potatoes before returning to the village. Two more sleeps before we head home.