Day Eleven

Our final full day in the village before an early start tomorrow back to Chiangmai via Mo oh Jo to see the school there. Both teams completed their projects and both schools were presented with their Truthfinders (CBCs kids club) gifts and book. We also shared the story of Jesus dying for us because he loves us at the school. This morning was a special day for Kraw law Blur school - the first time they have raised the Thai flag to the singing of the anthem.

The new tank at Krey mo Kee and both the old tanks at both villages got fresh coats of white paint and completed projects signs were erected. Also some great freehand artistry adding some colour and meaning to each tank.

So it's bedtime and tomorrow morning breakfast is at 6:30AM ready to hit the dusty road for the long trek home. The bitter sweet of leaving new friends but also returning lifelong ones. Goodnight.