The Missing Blog from Day 6

Day two in Klaw law Blur, although there were no dog fights last night we got the usual wake up at 4AM from the lovely Mr Rooster, we are slowly getting into the routine of village life. Although there is still a language barrier we seem to be communicating better, and the villagers seem more at peace with us integrating into their community.

A day in the life of Robert

Being mechanically minded I was put on the job of fixing the two old generators needed for our limited power supply, although I had a very limited supply of old barley usable tools we managed to get them fixed and up and running and now we have some power tonight unlike last night.

Eventually after we sorted the generators out we got onto the job of finishing the barbed wire fence. In the afternoon I headed up to the calling tree and managed to make a call to my wife, now onto the bigger stuff tomorrow.

A day in the life of Murray

Waking up was peaceful with the sound of children singing and playing and felt very refreshed after a nice breakfast. The day has its toll on my energy level after a long hot day of doing barbed wire fencing and digging even more holes for posts that we will need for the gate. All was successful even though we had a near miss with the existing water pipes when digging the holes for the gate. A bit of sweat and blood was lost with the barbed wire and sharp branches getting in my way, with energy levels low and the over all heat the sporting part of the day has been pushed aside for everyone to rest and keep cool, maybe tomorrow.

A day in the life of Liam

This morning I found it hard to stop myself from devising a plan to kill the rooster that keeps me up from exactly 3:59AM onward, ear plugs and music still can't keep the high pitched crow out of my head. But onward and upward from there with a great time with God and being reminded of the passage in James 1:2-8 that helped me get my head and heart in the right space.

Next was the task of helping Robert fix the generators and eventually we knocked that on the head. We started working on the fence and then after lunch I got the opportunity to join in with the kids program that we are running in our village. Although the language barrier is massive and the kids are super shy we managed to explain creation and play a few games that they love.d Although I had a bit of a rough time adjusting to life here, God is showing me through seeking Him that he has sent me here for a reason and to make most of every opportunity.

Life is very different here and even though we're tired we are thankful that God has given us this opportunity to serve Him and this village, we all have thankful hearts for this blessing and are keen to keep up the work flow and the laughter between us and the villagers.