The final wrap on another amazing chapter in the life of Hill Tribe Hope

Tank No.2 two and school walkways complete at Krae maw Kee

The storage capacity for clean water just shot up from 12000 litres to 24,000 litres last week thanks to the team from Mt Albert Baptist and Botany Life at the village of Krae maw Kee. Also when the rains come in June the kids will have dry feet as a footpath now surrounds the two classrooms on all 4 sides. The school continues to grow and is looking to add more teachers in the near future.

Animal out and kids well fed at Kraw law Blur

Along with a new lick of paint for the 2012 Water Tank and some plastic doors for the toilets, Kraw law Blur's Preschool also received a new 5 wired-barbwire fence to keep the livestock and their droppings out of the School yard, a first ever flag pole for the raising of the Thailand Flag each school day, a brand new kitchen house of the teacher to cook the daily school lunch for all students and a scrub free front yard for play. The Team from St Andrews, and City Bible Church enjoyed watching on as the Students raised the flag and sang the National Anthem on their final day together.

Farewell friends

And when all was done it was time to head home. They say 'home is where you heart is', but if this is true, all the team have more than one home now - more than a little of our hearts remain in Krae maw Kee and Klaw law Blur. We went to give and help the needy, but come away feeling as though we are the ones who received so much and have been filled up, by the love and generosity of the many families who shared their homes and their lives with us for this short time.

Please share this story with your family and friends. And join us in continuing to pray for and give to the work of Hill Tribe Hope as we partner with Bright Hope World and ITDP to bring Hope to these beautiful families.