Hill Tribe Hope

Kiwis bringing hope to villages in Northern Thailand

Latest trip sees development and growth in Kraw Lor Blur and Krae maw Kee.

In February 2019, a small team of kiwis spent a week based in Kraw lor Blur.  While there, they also spent some time at the Krae maw Kee preschool, and then a full day at the area school of Ma oh Jo, one hours drive away.  The main purpose of the trip was to equip and encourage the ITDP staff who are regularly involved in the villages.  It was also an opportunity to build further relationships with the village communities and see their progress.  

THE PRESCHOOLS: It was great to see children we met 3 years ago had graduated from the pre-school and are now attending the area school. One young 3 year old girl who was unable to communicate before is now 6 years old and engaged in learning at the preschool. She is able to communicate in both Karen and a small amount of Thai.  Both pre-schools are now fully staffed, full of young learners and functioning as amazing centres of learning and preparation for 'big' school.  

HEALTHCARE: Jen, our kiwi paramedic, conducted CPR and emergency response workshops for the ITDP staff, teachers, and some local community leaders. This was also a time to hear of further health needs and answer questions around specific needs that arise often. Burns were one aspect that received some much needed education.

EDUCATION: Steph, our Kiwi school teacher, observed that the current teaching staff are enthusiastic, capable, and engaged with the children.  She was able to have some input around creative teaching and has been asked to research and further resource the area school with some possible ESOL material.

CONSTRUCTION: Simon, our Kiwi builder, and Mark, our Kiwi handy-man, had a large and enthusiastic bunch of villagers keen to learn some cabinet making skills, and together they produced low work table, beds, and cubby cubes for both preschools.  Off-cuts were also up-cycled into shoe racks and an assortment of shelves and hooks for the school bathrooms.

EQUIPMENT:  All the equipment used in the above areas were donated generously by Kiwis and remain in the villages for ongoing use. ITDP will provide further training and maintenance of this valuable resource. 

FAITH & ENCOURAGEMENT: Campbell, our Kiwi pastor and communicator, helped out in the schools with some fun ideas around communication, and then spent the evenings with the ITDP staff and teachers.  These evenings encouraged the team in their own personal value to God and to each other. It was a time to focus on their own lives and faith, from which they then can serve their community.